Employee Work Perception Predicts Company Success


In today’s culture, it seems, our work life — if we’re fortunate to even have a job — is our life. It’s as if we eat, sleep and otherwise do the day-to-day activities of living just so we can go to work.

That said, it naturally follows that what we think about our work and our employer has a great affect on our mood in and out of work, as well as our health.

A recent study has found that how employees perceive their employer and their jobs has a huge influence on how efficient and even profitable a company is. Research conducted by Gallup, Inc. and published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, found that how employees perceive a firm can predict its very performance.

The research, which was based on more than 2,000 business units within a total of 10 companies (which included businesses such as retailers, factories and sales offices), analyzed employee retention and satisfaction surveys, as well as customer loyalty and a firm’s financial performance in order to ascertain any correlation between how satisfied employees were with their company and how well the firms performed.

The findings? The more favorably employees look at their jobs, the more companies tend to retain workers, have loyal customers and perform better financially.

What can you take away from this study? The importance of working to ensure your employees think well of you. The more you put into practice management strategies that improve your employees’ perception of their workplace, the more successful your company will be.

Some tips on how to do this:

  • Be clear about work expectations right from the start. Let your employees know what goals and results your company is hoping to meet and tell workers how their efforts contribute to them. Doing so allows employees to see how their efforts relate to an overall and bigger picture. They feel they are part of something more than just the work they do day in and day out — they are working toward a common goal with like-minded colleagues.
  • You also should work to ensure your employees toil in a pleasant working environment. This can go a long way to growing productivity.

An important and interesting finding of the study: Employees’ perception of a firm is more important than what actually is being done. Perception is, once again, reality. To help your staff perceive your firm positively, solicit their input and ideas.

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