Evaluating Your Progress as You Enter into Q2


Many architecture, engineering and construction professionals habitually set career goals at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, they often neglect to review their progression on a regular basis. When progress isn’t monitored, deviations and setbacks can occur without being fully realized. Then, as the end of year draws closer, it can become more and more Read more »

Create Your Own Career Luck!


How much of a role does luck play in your career success? Sometimes it may seem like luck is behind, or at least a contributing factor, too many of the good and bad things that happen. Fortunately, this is just perception. That being said, if you perceive yourself as unlucky, while those around you benefit Read more »

Empower Your Employees to Help Them Accomplish More!


Your leadership enables employees to contribute to the success of the organization and helps them grow professionally. Part of that leadership involves empowerment. Hire well and provide the resources and support they need to succeed. Your employees may surprise you with what they can accomplish. Help Your Employees Succeed With These Seven Tips 1. Set Read more »

Kick-Off Your Job Search in the New Year!


There is no better time to make a fresh start in your career than the beginning of a new year. It’s the perfect time to dust off your resume and put your job search in full swing! However, the job market is competitive, so it’s important to fully dedicate yourself to becoming the best candidate Read more »

Benefits of Volunteering During the Holidays


Volunteer work gives you the opportunity to give back to the community and has personal benefits you may not have considered, some of which may even help you develop your career!  Here are three great benefits of volunteering during the holiday season: 1. Grow Your Network Volunteering often affords the opportunity to interact with different Read more »

Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job!


Congratulations! After submitting resumes and cover letters, you receive a call from company regarding a dream job and they want to interview you! While competition in the marketplace is strong, the interview is the perfect opportunity to outshine the other applicants and show the employer why you are the best fit for the job. Here Read more »

Set the Right Tone for Your Employees in the Second Half of the Year


With the first half of the year over, many architecture, engineering and construction managers are reviewing objectives and using results to shape future actions. While examining metrics is a must, setting the proper tone for your employees is also vital. Otherwise, motivation and morale may suffer, harming future productivity. Three Tips to Set the Tone Read more »

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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