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Taking on a new career path is more prevalent now than in the past.  Different reasons have been given for this – the rise technology, the pace of change.  The days when someone spent their entire career at one company or in one job are certainly becoming less common.

People change jobs for many reasons.  But the most common reasons probably will come as no surprise – people change jobs out of boredom, for more money, to move to a better location, because of a conflict with a supervisor, for better benefits, from not feeling appreciated, not having a sense of purpose, and because of a layoff.

A lot of people have named boredom as one of the main reasons for having left a job.  By boredom, they mean more than just feeling listless now and then, but an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with the job that affects their performance.

That money is a prime reason for changing jobs or careers probably comes as little surprise to most people.  Everyone would like to earn more money.  If people feel that they are not being compensated fairly, they are much more likely to look elsewhere for employment.

Job location is another big factor in determining where people want to work.  People seldom enjoy making a long commute to work and constantly fighting rush hour traffic, all of which affects your mood at work and overall quality of life.

Conflict with supervisors is often a reason for leaving, and it’s much more common than many people realize.  If you are working under a boss who does not communicate well or often, or who tries to manage every little detail of your job, or who gives you little control in decision making, you soon may feel there are better places to work.

With the rising cost of healthcare, factors such as job benefits play an important role in where a person might work.  Some employers offer better benefit packages to employees, while some pass off more of the costs onto workers.

Some people look for new careers simply because they don’t feel fulfilled working in their current job.  They are looking for a sense of purpose in their work – feeling that what they are doing is significant and important, that they are making a real contribution.
Many people also switch careers because they feel that they are being taken for granted in their current job.  They work hard, perform well, but receive little in the way of praise or feedback.  This leads to a loss of motivation.

Unlike the other reasons for a career change, people have little control over a layoff.  But many take the opportunity to explore new career options or even return to school to train for something new.

Since work is such a big part of life, it should be more than just about getting a paycheck, but should be something that is enjoyable and fulfilling as well.

If you’re looking to change jobs or even careers and you live in the Washington Metro area, RealStreet Staffing may be able to help. If you have a background in construction, engineering or architecture, those skills may be transferable to another business sector. Bring your résumé to us and let’s talk!

I have worked with RealStreet for the past five years to provide supplemental staffing for two federal government contracts. It has been a great partnership. I find RealStreet to be attentive and responsive to our needs, reliable, and they consistently find great people that fit what we need for multiple roles on two different programs.

Kevin T. Fitzpatrick, PMP, Peer Review Program Manager

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