Networking on the Job from Day 1


Networking on the Job from Day 1

Whether you’ve just started a new position or whether you have no intention of leaving a company, it’s still wise to build a network within your company. Why? Because the best time to look for a new job is when you’re employed and, whether you’ve been at a company for a day or 20 years, it’s always wise to look for your next opportunity.

Naturally, you’ll network with your day-to-day colleagues, but it’s also wise to reach out to peers in different departments. It’s also a good idea to network with people above and below you on the organizational chart.

Don’t be shy about asking your boss who he or she thinks you should meet. Doing so shows that you’re interested in the company – and advancing within it.

You’ll also want to become known to the people in power. This may or may not be the managers and vice presidents – many people in non-supervisory rolls have incredible sway and cache within a company, sometimes more than the managers. In other words, seek out the “go to people” in your company. They are good folks to have on your side.

You want to network but you don’t want to be looking as if you’re networking. Let your networking happen naturally. Ask to sit with someone you don’t know at lunch. Chat up someone in the break room (in fact, go to a break room in a different area of your building, if possible.)

Consider volunteering to be a part of a cross-department team. This will help you connect in a professional way with others. If possible, see if you can take on a leadership role within these committees or teams. This shows others how well you handle yourself in a position of authority.

Finally, don’t worry too much about “working” your network. Let these relationships grow on their on; never force them.

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