Anger Management Tips for the Workplace


It goes without saying that everyone gets frustrated at their job at one time or another.  It is very important how you respond to this frustration. Whether you are overworked, you made a mistake, you have a disagreement with a boss or co-worker, or you have technical difficulties and want to through your computer out the window. If you’re not careful, that frustration can get you in multitudes of conflict.  Thankfully, there are tactics that can be used to calm your anger and help keep your cool.  Here are a few simple tips to get you through the heat of the moment. 

  1. Take a deep breath.
    The worst mistake you can make in a workplace conflict is to lose your temper and exchange angry shouts that you’ll regret later.  Instead of opening your mouth and snapping back, take a few deep breaths and walk away.  Make an excuse to step outside the office and grab coffee or run a quick errand.  It’ll buy you time to put things into perspective instead of saying something you might regret. 
  2. Write it Down (But Don’t Send It).
    Instead of using aggressive verbal attacks, get that emotional release by writing your feelings down on paper.  Then, keep these thoughts to yourself. Once you’ve exorcised your frustrations, shred the paper or permanently delete the unsent email. 
  3. Pick your battles.
    If there’s tension between you and a colleague, you’re more tempted to become defensive whenever you’re forced to interact with that person.  It’s important to refrain from picking fights every time you have a difference of opinion.  Doing so will only generate a sense of hostility and make it more difficult for any work to get completed.  If you choose your battles wisely and make compromises on trivial matters, you’ll be more likely to win on the issues that do matter to you. 
  4. Vent to a relative or friend.
    Sometimes what you really need in these situations is to talk to a relative or friend not connected with the matter. They can be the best source for support in difficult situations. Try to sneak away for a quick text or call to hear a familiar voice for a few minutes.  It may be just enough to calm you down.  It’ll help remind you that there is more to life than the current event that has you angered. 
  5. Find your mental escape.
    Watch a funny YouTube video or visit your favorite website for a quick laugh.  If you’ve had a rough meeting, a quick scroll through your Twitter feed or glance at your favorite store’s sale can give your mind a break.  Use that distraction to focus on something that makes you happy and eases your stress, and then you’ll be able to return to your work in a better mood. 

If you follow these steps to manage your anger and avoid tirades, you’ll keep your reputation as a calm, well-balanced professional.  However, if the conflict in your current workplace is unbearable, let the recruiters at RealStreet Staffing help. Our experienced team of qualified recruiters can help you land a new position in the architecture, engineering and construction fields. Contact us today and you’ll be on a new assignment in no time

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KC Green

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