How to Make Customer Service the Central Part of Your Company Culture


Great companies are defined by great cultures, so it makes sense that the organizations with the best customer service have found a way to integrate customer service into their company culture.  To truly excel at customer service, the behaviors and attitudes that make up positive customer service experiences have to be engrained across your organization.  Here are few tips to make sure customer service becomes a part of your internal culture.

Make customer service a core value.
In order to reach the highest level of customer service, customer service has to be designated as one of your key values.  Key values help to define your competitive advantage and describe how work gets done.  This will ensure that customer service is part of your recruiting, performance management, employee development, and compensation processes, thus making good customer service skills a part of everything you do.

Customer service should be everyone’s responsibility.
Customer service doesn’t just begin and end with your salespeople.  Make customer service a part of everyone’s job, whether or not they are client facing. This begins with including it as part of the job description and asking candidates what customer service means to them. Hire candidates that can provide examples of times they have provided exceptional customer service and can talk about a time when they have received great service as a customer.  Make customer service a key part of performance reviews and look to promote people in the organization who deliver excellent customer service time and time again.  You want the leaders in your organization to be the people who put the customer first.  

Celebrate positive feedback.
One of the quickest ways to get employees excited about providing exceptional customer service is to share your success stories with everyone in the office. When you get calls, e-mails, or Yelp reviews from a client praising the service one of your employees provided, share that in the team meetings.  Another way to celebrate praise is to create a memo board in the break room and post positive feedback for everyone to see.  Continually ask customers for feedback to see how you’re doing and how you can improve. 

When customer service starts to become engrained in your culture, customers will notice, become loyal, and want to recommend you to their network. Remember, customer service starts with the hiring process.   If you’re looking to fill positions with construction professionals dedicated to providing great customer service, let the recruiters at RealStreet Staffing help.  Ensure the success of your construction business by contacting RealStreet Staffing today.

RealStreet has proven to be a trusted resource for me for critical facility staffing needs. They strive to understand client requirements and resource them fully with a minimum of contractual actions to enable the support. I am quite satisfied with their services and give my complete recommendation.

Colonel Stuart Harrison, PE, USA (ret)

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