Your Company Success Depends on Effective Employee Communication


When it comes to employee productivity, effective communication from managers plays a major role in engagement.  When poor communication is a common occurrence, employees become discouraged, disengaged, and your business suffers.  A simple misunderstanding can lead to errors, missed deadlines, arguments, unmotivated employees, and even lawsuits.  In other words, the success of your company depends on effective communication.  As a manager, it is crucial to ensure that miscommunication isn’t hindering productivity or overall employee engagement.  It may seem easy, but effective communication actually requires a bit of skill.

6 Tips Top Management Experts Use
to Improve Communication in the Workplace


Be Present.

Effective communication begins with being around.  The more visible you are, the more connected your employees will feel with the leadership team.  Get to know your staff by interacting with them on a personal level.  When you speak with employees, make them the focus of the communication and show them that your investment extends beyond the workplace.  This will help show that you share their excitement and concerns and value them as a part of the organization.

Show Your Dedication.

In every communication, share your passion for the mission and vision of the organization.  When employees see how engaged and committed you are, they will believe in the organization as much as you do.  You want your communication to prove that you care about the products or services you offer, your employees, and your customers.

Trust Your Employees.

You hired employees with the skills and experience needed to do the job.  There is no need to hover over and micromanage them.  Constantly shadowing over employees makes them feel as though the nave no control over their jobs and are not trusted team members.  Autonomy, on the other hand, often breeds innovation and job satisfaction.  Part of effective communication is equipping your staff with the tools they need to do their job and then allowing them to do it.

Ask For (and Listen to) Feedback.

The best communicators recognize that effective communication is not a one-way street.  Whether it’s a quick “stop and chat” or a scheduled meeting, you should always provide an ear to listen to your employees.  Constantly ask for feedback.  After all, the people doing the day-to-day work often have the best insight and suggestions for improvements.  Most importantly of all, take input seriously.  If you don’t implement an employee suggestion, make sure you have a valid explanation why.  Effective communication is only possible when you maintain open and direct lines of communication with employees at all levels and actually listen to their feedback.

Be Transparent.

Be honest with your employees. With good news and bad, employees appreciate open communication from the leaders of their organization.  Being upfront with employees will help build loyalty and trust.

Maintain Credibility.

In order for your communication to be truly effective, you have to build and maintain credibility.  In other words, you need to back up your words with action.  If you have agreed to something, such as paying for training, implementing a new HR policy or providing a different rewards program, make sure that you keep your word.  Then, communicate to employees that you did.  If you don’t follow through on your word, you’ll lose credibility and employees will quickly become disengaged.

When implemented correctly, communication can increase employee productivity and drive the success of your organization.  Effective communication leads to engaged employees, and engaged employees are much more likely to put in the extra hand when you need it most.

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