A Look Back to the Top Blog Posts of 2014


It’s hard to believe 2015 is just a couple days away!  While we eagerly look ahead to what the next year will bring for the architectural, engineering, and construction communities, we would first like to take a look back at some of our most popular blog content in 2014.  From effective communication tips to advice on managing different personalities, here are the top three RealStreet Staffing blog posts from the past year.

Your Company Success Depends on Effective Employee Communication

Effective communication from managers plays an important role in employee engagement.  Poor communication results in discouraged employees and a decrease in productivity.  A simple misunderstanding can lead to missed deadlines, arguments, and unmotivated workers.  Improve communication in your workplace by implementing these six tactics top management experts are using. Read more.

Set Personal (Weekly) Goals for Long Term Success in the Workplace

Goals keep you on track and prevent against distractions from your career path.   While it may be easy to state a goal, following through takes hard work and determination.   You have to be positive, set actionable goals, and stay grounded.  This how-to post will help you set reasonable goals to increase your chance for success in the workplace. Read more.

Managing Different Personalities in the Office

When managing employees from multiple generations and backgrounds, learning how to effectively interact different personality types is a must.  After all, it’s your job to make sure everyone on the team is being productive and efficient, even if that means you manage everyone a little differently.  This post discussed six tips to help communicate with and motivate the different personalities in your office. Read more.

From all of us at RealStreet Staffing, thank you for helping to make 2014 a success! Have a wonderful holiday season and best wishes in the New Year!  Ensure you have the right resources for your 2015 projects by letting us provide the best staffing solutions for your organization.

RealStreet saved us more than once with temporary help on some of our most demanding construction projects, particularly when we needed experienced, responsible and professional individuals on such short notice. We were particularly grateful for the Quality Control Manager (QCM) you were able to provide while our full-time QCM was on short-term disability, at the Read More…

Michael S. Shevitz, LEED Green Associate, Vice President

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