Retaining Top Employees | How to Keep Your All-Star Team Together


Every company has a few employees who are exceptionally good at their jobs. These people come into the office each day ready to work hard to help the company succeed. They produce amazing results for the organization and their energy is electric, subsequently inspiring the entire team to want to do their best as well. These all-star employees are essential to the success of the organization! In fact, the company’s performance could be in jeopardy if they leave.

4 Ways to Retain Top Talent

Does the thought of losing your top talent to another company terrify you? It should! It is costly enough for a company to face unforeseen turnover, let alone loosing your best people! With this in mind, it’s important to have many measures in place to retain them. Use these four tips to keep your best employees happy, so they don’t even consider looking for a job elsewhere:

1. Actively Engage Employees

Talented workers want to feel like their ideas are heard. Keep these people engaged by regularly asking for feedback and subsequently implementing their ideas. Give them the freedom to work their own way, rather than micromanaging every little task. When people feel accountable for their work, they find more fulfillment in their daily accomplishments.

2. Offer Career Growth

Your best and brightest workers do not want to stay in the same positions forever, they want to move up the ladder. Provide opportunities for them to grow their careers at your company so they are not forced to look elsewhere to get to the next level. If upward mobility isn’t clearly laid out, begin by providing them with ways to continue growing professionally, such as continuous learning and gaining additional responsibilities. If possible, create a new position that better suits their purview within the company.

3. Pay a Competitive Salary

Sure, money isn’t everything, but it is definitely a major factor when deciding where to work. If you’re not already paying your most talented employees a competitive salary, it’s time to step it up. Your competitors would be more than willing to give them what they’re worth, so don’t let these people slip away because you’re too cheap to pay up.

4. Recognize Great Work

Your top performers constantly help your company achieve greatness, but how often do you stop to thank them? It is easy to unintentionally take top talented for granted, because you simply grow accustomed to their great work. However, people become disgruntled and unsatisfied with their jobs when they don’t feel appreciated. Make a point to regularly acknowledge and reward the achievements of your best employees to let them know how much you value their hard work.

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