These 3 Questions Can Help You Ace Your Interview and Land Your Next Job


While job interviews can be stressful, they are meant to be insightful for both the interviewer and interviewee. Unfortunately, many candidates forget they are two-sided situations. Feeling as though they are in the hot seat, their view of the interaction skews closer to an interrogation than a conversation.

An interview is one of the best opportunities to learn more about the job! It is important prepare ahead of time, to not only ensure you are knowledgeable about the company, but also ready to ask the hiring manager any questions. Their responses – providing insight into the position, the company and the culture – can help you decide whether the opportunity is worth pursuing further. It can also enhance the way you are viewed by hiring manager, as serious candidates will show interest by asking thoughtful, relevant questions.

3 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Unsure of what to ask during a job interview? Ensure you have the answers to these three questions:

1. Why is this position available?

On the surface, this may not seem important, but its significance runs deep. If the job is newly created, ask if they can expand upon what was listed in the job description to ensure you fully understand their expectations.

  • Why was this position created?
  • Was anything (foreseeable) of significance left out of the job posting?
  • Are there specific goals or contributions that the individual will need to achieve?
  • How will this individual’s performance get evaluated?
  • What is the corporate structure and where does the position fit?

For existing positions, where you would be replacing someone, ask many of the same questions you would if it were a newly created role while inquiring about why it became available as well.

  • How long had the previous employee been in the role?
  • Why did they leave?
  • Have there been any ongoing challenges with or faced by individuals in this role?
  • In a perfect world, is there anything that previous employees could have done better?

Questions such as these can help indicate whether a company has unrealistic standards or if the role sees a high level of turnover, aiding in your avoidance of undesirable situations.

2. Since it was created, how has this role evolved?

This question allows you to find out if the position has long-term, career development potential or if it is simply a dead end job. Things change at a rapid pace in the business world. If this job still has the exact same responsibilities it did 10 years ago, it probably won’t provide a significant opportunity for growth. Conversely, if the interviewer says the person holding the position will be expected to regularly learn and implement new technologies, processes and concepts, you can be confident it will help you learn and grow.

3. What do you enjoy most about working for the company?

You spend a third of your day at work, at least! With as much time as you’re spending on the job, you want to work for a great company that treats its employees well and has a culture you’ll fit right into! Listen closely to the interviewer’s responses to make sure their praises align with your values. This can involve anything from having a work-life balance, generous bonuses, continuous learning or the opportunity to contribute to projects that really matter. Ensuring a fit between you and the company will increase the odds that you will be happy and successful in the endeavor.

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