Becoming Mentally Tough | 3 Ways to Roll with the Difficulties of Your 9-5


When you have a demanding job or work in a combative work environment, it can be mentally draining. Tensions build and emotions can flare — but you do not want to take that route. The secret to thriving at a difficult job is to become mentally tough. This characteristic may be innate for some, but most people have to properly condition themselves.

3 Ways to Roll with the Difficulties of Your 9-5

It can be difficult to remain calm and composed during stressful times in the office. Whether you botched an assignment, had a upsetting team meeting, received negative feedback from your boss, or Murphy’s Law has taken control of your work and everything seems to be going wrong, it’s important to keep going. Follow these three tips to become mentally tough, so even the most stressful day doesn’t get the most of you.

Become More Flexible

In business, things often do not go as planned. Instead of trying to follow a rigid structure, expect that issues will arise and that adjustments need to be made. When you learn to embrace change, instead of rejecting it, you can stop living in fear and just roll with the punches. Dealing with a stressful job is much easier when you have the capacity to handle anything that comes your way.

Stop Trying to Impress Others

It is only natural to feel very vulnerable when you rely on validation from others to gauge your success at work. If you continuously push yourself to the limits, but still rarely receive praise from your boss, you are probably in a constant state of defeat. Put an end to this behavior by focusing on self improvement – impress yourself. When you are happy with your performance, your confidence increases, which will help you stay strong in the most trying of times.

Learn How to Deal with Difficult People

Unfortunately, dealing with toxic people is often a daily part of the job. Learn to brush them off. When interacting with someone of this nature, do your best to keep your emotions out of the mix. Stay calm and try to see things from their prospective, so you can find a quick and easy resolution. Even when the interaction does not go as well as you hoped, let it go. Otherwise, their negative attitude could cast a shadow on your day.

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A career in construction administration and management can be (and for me has been) one of constant transition. It’s rather common that employment with a given company starts and finishes with each successive project; you’re a new hire as it’s just getting “out of the ground,” then finished and looking for a new project (and Read More…

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