How to Become Your Best Self at Work


While some people are content simply doing a good job at work, you want to do better. As an ambitious professional, you are always searching for ways to improve yourself to maximize performance. You have lofty goals, so achieving your personal best will take a lot of hard work, but you are certainly up to the challenge.

Follow These 4 Steps to Become Your Best Self at Work

If you want to rise to the top of your game, you need to be focused and organized. While it can be difficult to change work habits, further developing these skills can have a significant impact on your attention span and ability to produce. Boost your productivity levels to a new high by incorporating these four practices into your work day.

1. Minimize Distractions

Vowing to completely eliminate disruptions is not realistic, but there are many steps you can take to keep them to a minimum. If the constant buzzing of your colleagues distracts you, shut your office door or if you work in a cubicle, slip away to a conference room for some quiet time. Turn off email notifications, silence the ringer on your phone and if someone stops by your desk to talk, ask them to come back later.

2. Schedule Your Day

At the beginning of each day, make a list of everything you need to accomplish before heading home and prioritize each task. Set deadlines for  yourself if you are concerned with the amount of work on your plate. This creates a sense of urgency and can help you stay focused. Creating a time limit also ensures you do not spend longer than necessary completing each assignment. Leave extra time in your day for miscellaneous tasks such as checking email, and do your best to provide time for any inevitable unexpected interruptions.

3. Stop Multitasking

You might have been conditioned to multitask, this practice can hinder your ability to be productive. Each item on your to-do list is important and deserves your full concentration. You might be able to do decent work with only partial focus, but submitting mediocre assignments will not get you to the top.

4. Keep Your Work Space Clean

If your desk is covered with papers and if files are aimlessly scattered all over your computer, it probably takes you longer than necessary to accomplish tasks. Spend time organizing your work space, until you know exactly where to find everything. Prepare to be amazed with how much faster you can get work done when you have a clean an efficient system in place.

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