Defining and Refining Your Hiring Process to Find the Best Candidates


Trying to find the best fit for an open position is always a challenge, but it can become a nearly impossible feat when none of the sourced candidates are particularly impressive. If this has become a pattern, you could be searching for talent in all the wrong places. The job market changes, supply and demand shift, and recruiting practices adapt in turn. If your hiring process is outdated, it might be time to review, evaluate and update your tactics to ensure efficient sourcing and effective placements moving forward.

3 Ways to Refine Your Hiring Process to Find Top Talent

In previous years, you may have found top talent quickly, simply by posting open positions on your company website and popular job boards. While this might have been an effective process then, the job environment has transitioned to a job seekers market. Unemployment is low and the availability of opportunities has increased.  With more options, qualified candidates are able to be pickier than before. Incorporate these three strategies into your hiring process to improve your sourcing tactics and increase your appeal to potential candidates:

1. Focus on Passive Candidates

The best people for your open position might already be employed elsewhere.  These candidates are often willing to consider a career move if the opportunity is right, even if they are only passively looking for a new job. The trick is to identify ideal candidates, establish a connection with them, and provide them with an enticing offer. Passive job seekers typically do not check job boards or attend career fairs on a regular basis, so tracking them down is more of an ongoing process, and frequently requires a more personalized approach to sourcing.

2. Use Social Media

If your recruiting strategy does not have a social media aspect, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with and source potential candidates. According to a the 2014 Jobvite Social Recruiting survey, 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media. LinkedIn is considered a top social platform to find talent, with 95% of respondents admitting to searching for candidates and contacting them through the site. Twitter can also be a great place to find talented candidates, as many passionate, engaged professionals use their accounts for networking purposes. Pintrest can even be used to showcase the company offerings or corporate culture.

3. Seek Referrals

You already have a staff of incredibly talented individuals, try reaching out to them and leverage their professional networks. According to the aforementioned Jobvite survey, 60% of the respondents cited referrals as the best way to find candidates. Employee referrals are an incredible opportunity to connect with outstanding candidates, because your staff members will not put their own reputation on the line unless they are certain the person they are vouching for is qualified and dependable. Reaching out to your own network is a great way to get high-quality candidate recommendations as well.

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