Preparing for Summer Productivity Increases | Are You Ready for Seasonal Demand?


For many people, summer is the most relaxing time of the year. However, as a construction professional, this can be your busiest season. With the bright sunshine and warmer weather – providing ideal conditions to build – schedules fill up fast. Summer is right around the corner, ensure your business is prepared to handle the influx of work headed your way!

4 Ways to Prepare for a Busy Summer Season

1. Plan Ahead

As summer approaches, things will get increasingly hectic, so figure out how you are going to handle the influx of business now, to avoid having to scramble in June. Closely examine the projects on your calendar to see if you currently have the resources needed to complete them on time and to budget. If not, create a plan to fill the gaps immediately.

2. Limit Vacation Requests

Managing time-off requests can be a challenge when the biggest vacation season of the year coincides with your busiest months. Refusing to allow workers to have any time off will result in low morale, so find a balance and set your expectations ahead of time. Consider capping the number of vacation days people can use until fall and/or only approving a particular number of overlapping employee vacation days. Ask your team to submit requests as soon as possible, so you have time to create a solid coverage plan.

3. Hire Temporary Workers

If your current staff is unable to complete all the summer projects on your calendar, hire temporary workers to ensure all deadlines are met on time. This can also be a great solution if one of your projects requires a specific skillset that none of your workers currently has. Employee leasing allows you to satisfy your client’s requirements without having to hire a permanent employee.

4. Avoid Taking on More Than You Can Handle

As a business owner, it can be very tempting to say yes to every project that comes your way, but your company can only handle so much. Prior to accepting a job, check your schedule to make sure taking on another venture is realistic. Remember, it took years to build your company’s outstanding reputation, but it only takes a moment to damage your image. Providing substandard work or completing assignments behind schedule can plague your business for years to come.

Staff Your Company with Leading Professionals

Whether you need to lease a single, specialized employee for a particular assignment or supplement your staff for the entire season, is never too soon to begin preparing for the busy summer months. Partner with RealStreet to access the top architectural, engineering and construction professionals you need to complete your projects on time and under budget.  Contact us today to request an employee!

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