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Until recently, many companies limited their onboarding activities to the first few hours of new hire orientation. A new employee might have spent their first hour or two getting introduced around the office before spending the better part of the day filling out a pile of paperwork out at their desk and reviewing an employee handbook. At larger organizations, this might have been done on a broader scale. New employees may have gathered in a conference room on their first day, watched a few training videos and signed the necessary forms. A company executive might drop by to deliver a welcome speech. After that, each person would head to their department, to continue training at the discretion of their manager.

Times have changed. Companies have now realized the immense importance of onboarding programs – including the link between onboarding to job satisfaction and employment longevity. While organizations are putting far more stock in these processes, many do not know how to develop or adjust their current procedures effectively.

4 Ways to Achieve Success With Your Onboarding Program

Whether you lack an onboarding program or you have not updated your orientation process in an extended period of time, it is important ensure you have an effective plan in place. Even though it will take time and resources to develop, it will create a more cohesive culture and better enable new hires to achieve success in their roles. Stop delaying and start making this key initiative a top priority!

If you want your onboarding program to work, integrate the following four tactics:

1. Personalize the Plan

There are many effective ways to absorb new information. Most people can learn using a variety of methods, but typically have best results through either an auditory, visual, kinesthetic or read-write approach. Ask the new hire which technique they prefer and tailor the program accordingly.

2. Set Specific Goals

Give your new hires a sense of purpose from day one by creating specific onboarding objectives. Established goals will ensure they understand exactly what you expect from them. Create a development plan explaining what you want them to achieve during their first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job. Explain how these goals impact the business, so they understand the purpose of their day to day tasks as well as the contribution they make to the overall success of the company.

3. Stick to the Program

If you want your onboarding program to be effective, it needs to be completed. Often times, participation starts out strong during the person’s first few days or weeks on the job, but begins to taper as their responsibilities increase. Be cognizant of this when doling out additional assignments, remembering that onboarding activities must take precedence.

4. Check-In Regularly

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. Getting acclimated to an unfamiliar work environment and learning how to excel in a new role puts a lot of pressure on a person. Meet with your new hire regularly to check in, monitor their progress and see if they need anything. Having a boss who is present and truly cares, can be the difference between the person’s success or failure at the company.

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