You Deserve A Better Job – Five Signs it is Time to Look for New Opportunities


Are you satisfied in your current position? As a talented, hardworking professional you deserve happiness. Whether you have been treading water in the same position for years or have recently come to the realization that your role is not an ideal long-term fit, it might be time to consider a change.

Undeniably, all jobs have their challenges. However, if you leave work stressed and unsatisfied more often than not, you could be in the wrong role or company. If left unaddressed, dissatisfaction can negatively impact your performance, stunt your professional development, damage your self-confidence and hinder your overall health and/or emotional well-being. To make matters worse, any outward signs of your discontent could quickly spread to your coworkers as well, impacting the company’s overall productivity.

5 Reasons to Begin Looking for a Better Job

While there are a number of reasons people look for new opportunities, certain issues (especially when experienced in unison) serve as clear red flags. If you are experiencing any of the following five issues, take the time to look inward. After reflecting on your life, values and goals, determine whether it is possible to improve your current situation or if it is in fact time to move on to a new opportunity.

1. Lack of Challenging Work

For a job to be fulfilling it needs to be challenging. The work should be neither dull and monotonous nor impossibly difficult. No matter the workload, task become tedious without mental stimulation, learning opportunities, and job satisfaction. Regardless of how much you like the company or your colleagues, staying in a job without growth will seriously stunt your long-term career potential.

2. The Job No Longer Excites You

Whether you accepted a job that was misrepresented or your interests changed over time, you should not stay in a position that you do not find engaging. Among other things, this can make it difficult to connect with the work when your roles and responsibilities lack excitement. You deserve an engaging job with work that fills you with inspiration each day.

3. You Do Not Feel Valued

Everyone deserves respect from their manager(s) and colleagues.  A company is not worthy of your hard work if you are not getting respect and feeling valued. If your efforts goes unnoticed and/or your ideas are constantly discounted or criticized it can wear on your self worth. Eventually, your confidence could diminish to the point where you refrain from asking questions and opt to keep educated opinions to yourself. Instead of regressing as an experienced professional, look for a job that puts emphasis on the work that matters to you and provides a more appreciative environment.

4. Poor Work/Life Balance

Putting in overtime now and then is part of most jobs, but something has to give if you practically live at the office. You need a solid work/life balance to enjoy a happy and healthy existence. Dedicating most of your free time to work is no way to live and will eventually lead to a burnout. Search for an opportunity at a company that will respect your personal life and encourage a balanced lifestyle.

5. Pay is Below Industry Average

While money may not be the singular driving force in your career, you work hard each day and deserve compensation that affords you the ability to live comfortably and to feel as though your efforts are valued. If your employer does not compensate you with a market rate salary, it could indicate a lack of appreciation and/or a tendency to underpay. It is a candidates’ job market. Find a company that will pay you what you are worth.


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