Three Ways to Reward Your Employees for a Successful 2016


Before bidding farewell to 2016, take a moment to reflect on the past year. It is important to remember that the successes seen by your company would not have been possible without your hardworking staff. Reward your employees for their ongoing efforts and dedication.


Three Ways to Thank Your Team for a Great 2016

1. Throw a Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for festive fun! One way to show thanks is to have a holiday party. From renting out an event space on a Saturday night to having a potluck lunch in the conference room one day, there are countless ways to plan a festive gathering, regardless of budget. If possible, consider adding a few prizes, awards or small gifts. What’s important is that everyone is able to gather together, relax and celebrate the successes of the past year.

2. Enjoy a Fun Group Outing

Close up the office for a day — or a few hours if a whole day is not possible — and take your staff on an adventure. Keep your employees’ personalities in mind when choosing the activity, as you want to plan something they will all enjoy. Some ideas include bowling, tickets to an afternoon theater performance, a nice lunch, painting class, laser tag, volunteering or even something a bit touristy.

3. Provide Extra PTO

If the holiday season is a slow time at your company, consider surprising your staff with an extra day of PTO! Employees are often busy during this time of year. An additional day to shop for gifts, relax with friends or cook a big holiday meal could mitigate stress during the season and improve morale throughout the new year.

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A career in construction administration and management can be (and for me has been) one of constant transition. It’s rather common that employment with a given company starts and finishes with each successive project; you’re a new hire as it’s just getting “out of the ground,” then finished and looking for a new project (and Read More…

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