How to Stand Out at Job Fairs and Meet the Best Candidates


Sourcing quality candidates for an open position is often a time consuming process. Finding one outstanding candidate can take weeks or even months. Job fairs can be a great way to meet a variety of contenders at once. Many of these events draw in hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of professionals. Of course, job seekers are not the only ones vying for attention at job fairs. A myriad of other companies are in attendance as well. Stand out from the competition and attract the most talented individuals to your booth by utilizing the following five suggestions.

Five Tips to Attract Top Talent at Job Fairs

1. Assess Your Hiring Needs

Prior to the job fair, take inventory of your staff to see what gaps you need to fill. Consider projects coming down the pipeline and any plans for future expansion. Use this to determine your hiring needs, so you know what types of candidates to focus on.

2. Create a Professional Booth

To attract the best candidates, set up an eye-catching display. Chintzy materials will not draw in attendees and could detract from your company’s image. Invest in a high-quality display and you will see a positive return.

3. Stand in Front of the Table

Avoid hiding behind the display table to ensure your business is noticed. Remove the barrier between you and the job seekers by getting out in the crowd. Greet people, draw them in and introduce them to your organization.

4. Focus on the Candidates

No one likes to be part of a one-sided conversation — including job seekers. At job fairs, many employers make the mistake of giving the candidate a long sales pitch, without stopping to ask about their career plans or even pause for questions. Show interest in each candidate to make them feel valued and ensure they walk away with good feelings about your company.

5. Provide Branded Gear

Give each candidate a take-away item, as a small reminder of your company. From pens with your company logo to branded magnets, bags or t-shirts, there are a number of options for any budget. Find a fun or functional freebie that attendees will want to hold onto, and make sure you bring enough to go around.

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