Putting Your Skills to Work — How to Land a Job That Fits You Perfectly


Throughout your career, you have developed a plethora of impressive skills. However, being good at something does not always correspond to job satisfaction. If you have lost the passion you once had for your job, the new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your interests, goals and priorities and start fresh.

Five Tips to Finding Your Ideal Job

Take these steps to find a job that makes you feel excited to get up and go to work each morning.

1. Prioritize Your Goals

Reflect on your past experience, noting which aspects you enjoyed and which detracted from your overall satisfaction. Clarify what you want in your next job, making sure also factor in any long term career goals. This could help pinpoint positions to include in a job search, aid in the quick identification of ideal opportunities and understand what to avoid. Be honest with yourself, so you can get what you really want out of your next career move.

2. Define Your Ideal Company Culture

Finding the right cultural fit is one of the most important aspects of landing the perfect job. Choosing the wrong fit can result in immediate and ongoing dissatisfaction. Carefully weigh what you like and dislike about your current and previous work environments, to help determine your ideal culture.

3. Rebrand Yourself

Now that you know what you want, you may need to repackage yourself to better fit your goals. Restructure your resume to focus more on the skills you want to use as part of your new job. If you use social media for professional purposes — including LinkedIn — share content on these channels that supports your new direction.

4. Reach Out to Your Network

Without jeopardizing your current job, let your network know you are considering new opportunities. Reach out to former managers, colleagues, clients and classmates who might be able to help and let them know what you want in your new job. You never know who might have an opportunity on their radar that checks all the boxes on your job wish list.

5. Take on a Recruiting Partner

The best recruiting firms often have access to opportunities before the general job market. Connect with recruiting professions in your industry to help ensure you are in-the-know as well. As a hiring expert, your recruiter will also ensure your resume is polished and help you prepare for interviews, which can make you an even more competitive candidate.

Get Your Dream Job

You are far too talented to waste another moment at an unfulfilling job. Allow RealStreet to help you find the right fit. We offer access to in-demand projects and positions you can’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to find the architecture, engineering or construction opportunity you have always wanted!

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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