Time for a Promotion? Make it Happen in the New Year!


Are you excited about what is in store for your career in the coming year? Last year was great! You worked hard, produced positive results and developed as a professional. Unfortunately, despite your efforts and accomplishments, you were not selected  for any advancement opportunities.

Use the new year as an opportunity to take a different approach. Instead of continuing to wait patiently for your boss to — maybe — promote you, take the reins of your career. Create a plan, incorporating the following four suggestions, and vow to make this year, the year you get promoted!

Four Tips to Land a Promotion in the New Year

1. Decide What You Want

Upward mobility comes in many forms, so decide which direction appeals to you. Perhaps you want to move into a managerial role or maybe you want to continue on as a sole contributor at a higher level — there is no wrong answer. Setting your end goal helps you make strides in the right direction throughout the year.

2. Request More Responsibility

Prove you can handle the weight of a more advanced position by asking your boss for more responsibility. Think of a few tasks that would boost your chances of a promotion and request to focus on those areas. This is a golden opportunity to gain new skills and show your manager you are currently underutilized.

3. Keep Track of Your Successes

Eventually, you may have to present your case for a promotion. If so, you will need plenty of evidence to support your request. Generally speaking, your manager knows you do great work, but he is not keeping track of your accomplishments — that is your responsibility. Meticulously record all of your successes, and quantify them when possible, because numbers speak for themselves.

4. Carry Yourself Like a Model Employee

Employees in mid-to-high-level positions have a greater level of visibility, so prove you have the grace and poise to handle the spotlight. Lend a helping hand to overworked colleagues, avoid office politics and always treat everyone with respect. Your attitude can hugely impact your chances of getting a promotion, so behave like a professional at all times.

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