Working Indoors on a Construction Assignment? Is the Indoor Lighting Conducive for Maximum Productivity?


Working in construction often means your team spends a portion of the day outside. Laboring away in the fresh air, under sunny skies is an ideal work environment for many. After all, natural light is often a energy booster. Of course, not  all construction projects or tasks take place outdoors. Do you notice a difference in your employees work?

If you suspect your workers are not as productive inside as out, you might be onto something — and improper lighting could be the problem.

3 Types of Indoor Lighting That Boost Productivity

1. Natural Light

The most ideal type of indoor lighting, sunlight illuminating the walls of your worksite is more than just a pretty site. Indoor workers with exposure to daylight enjoy better health, take less sick days and realize greater productivity, according to a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Consequently, many European countries mandate that workers be positioned within 27 feet of a window.

2. Full-Spectrum Bright Lights

Many indoor worksites do not receive natural light, so in this case, the NREL report recommends the use of full-spectrum bright lights. Shown to have a positive impact on those working indoors, this type of lighting allows day and night shift workers to adjust their internal clocks — circadian cycles — to accommodate their schedule. The use of full-spectrum bright lights has resulted in an increase in productivity, higher levels of morale and a decrease in accidents among night shift workers.

3. Flexible Lighting

Many indoor spaces are illuminated by the glow of florescent bulbs. Largely unpopular with workers, this type of lighting isn’t just unattractive — it zaps the productivity out of workers. Every team is composed of very different people doing very different tasks, so light requirements fluctuate from one person to the next. Dimming overhead bulbs and providing lights that can be turned on and off allows people much-needed discretion. Productivity increases when workers are able to adapt lighting to meet their needs.

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