How to Regroup and Refocus When Work Gets Overwhelming or Overly Stressful


A certain amount of work-related stress can be expected with any job. Sometimes it can be a motivator, while other times it can be overwhelming, hindering performance and becoming a burden on your life outside of work. Whether your job is usually hectic during particular times, or it is almost always stressful, it is important to address the anxiety.

The following four tips can help you remain composed and focused when you are overworked, and minimize the impact the pressure has your productivity, job satisfaction and overall well-being.

4 Ways to Keep It Together During Periods of High Demand at Work

1. Find a Healthy Way to Channel Stress

If you keep stress bottled up inside, you will eventually burst. You need an outlet to release feelings of tension and anxiety, so find a healthy hobby that relaxes your mind and body. There are plenty of activities that can satisfy this need, including exercise, meditation, reading, gardening, painting, and cooking. What works for a colleague might not be the answer for you, so keep searching until you find your fit.

2. Take Breaks

When you are overwhelmed at work, stopping for a break might seem counterproductive, but it will help. Step away from the situation for a few minutes by going for a quick walk around the block or by getting a cup of coffee. This will help put things in perspective, allowing you to return in a refreshed state of mind.

3. Make Yourself a Priority

Busy times at work can easily monopolize your life, so force yourself to stay in control. Make a point to eat healthily and get enough sleep. Otherwise, you will not be able to function at full capacity if your diet lacks nutrients and you are exhausted. If you have any free time, surround yourself with positive people who want to help you get through the chaos currently surrounding your work life.

4. Ask for Help

There are limits to the amount of work one person can do. If you feel as though you are in over your head, speak up. Ask your boss or colleagues for help, because the quality of your output will decline if you lack the necessary time to get assignments done right. You will feel a huge weight off your shoulders when others take some of the tasks off your plate.

Lower Your Stress Levels

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