How to Become a Coach Among Your Workforce to Improve the Skills of All Employees


Coaching in the workplace is critical for growth. It allows managers to guide their staff in a direction that strengthens the company as a whole, and is useful for the workers, regardless of whether they are struggling to meet expectations or already excel in their role. After all, even the best employees can benefit from the feedback and support of a skilled coach.

Three Tips to Become a Better Coach for Your Workforce

The goal behind coaching is never to make a worker feel bad. Similarly, it is not about documenting issues for human resources or alerting other members of management about current problems. Instead, coaching is a partnership where a manager and employee work together to improve the capabilities of the individual, team, department or company. If you want to become a coach for your team, here are three tips to help you get started.

1. Avoid Focusing Solely on the Negative

Acting as a coach requires more than correcting issues as soon as they are noticed. While addressing performance concerns in a timely manner is certainly part of the territory, focusing solely on the negative is not going to be effective. Instead, you need to balance it out with support and guidance, as well as providing positive feedback when your employees improve.

2. Don’t Forget Your Top Performers 

A strong coach does not solely focus on workers who are lagging in the performance department. Top performers are also part of the equation. Encouraging your best and brightest to continuously learn and grow benefits the entire organization, raising the value of the cumulative skill set.

3. Remember that Growth is a Joint Effort

Finally, coaching is not just instructive. Ideally, you want to work closely with the employee, soliciting their input and learning about their perspective. Growth should be a joint effort, ensuring you and the worker are joint contributors as you move towards greater success.

Ultimately, by becoming a coach among your workforce, you can improve the skills of all employees. Just make sure to use the right mindset and to avoid focusing solely on those who are struggling. That way, everyone benefits!

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