Do You Dread Mondays? Consider These Tips to Have a More Positive Start to the Work Week


If your job is less than ideal or is highly stressful, it is not uncommon to dread Mondays. In fact, some professionals are so worried about the start of their workweek that it impacts their Sundays, leaving them depressed or anxious. This makes the second day of the weekend less relaxing, which could make Mondays feel even worse.

Luckily, even if you do not love your job, that does not mean the beginning or your workweek has to be miserable. There are things you can do to start things off on the right foot. By doing so, your workweek can be both more enjoyable and increasingly productive.

Keys Considerations to Have a More Positive Start to the Work Week

Starting off your week at work on a more positive note largely requires two things. First, you will need to be more diligent about planning, creating a chance to set yourself up for greater success. Second, you have to adjust your mindset. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Prepare on Friday

A little bit of planning on Friday can make your Monday easier to manage. Before you leave at the end of the week, spend some time examining the week to come and identify any priorities. Additionally, review the past week’s progress to ensure that no critical deliverables have been missed along the way.

By using this approach, you are checking to make sure you are currently on target and that you have a solid idea of what is to come. This increases your overall level of awareness and can help you discover items you may have otherwise missed. Plus, you can schedule a time for your upcoming tasks in advance, allowing you to outline the week ahead.

Add Something Enjoyable

Often, getting ready for work on Monday is not the most fun. The routine can even be somewhat mechanical, particularly if you spend time solely on what you need to do. However, by adding an enjoyable activity to your Monday morning, you can give yourself something pleasant to look forward to one what can be the toughest morning of your week. For example, consider having your favorite breakfast on Monday mornings or squeezing in a workout. If you would rather relax, give yourself enough time to meditate or to read a chapter in a book that you are reading for fun. This can help you adjust your mindset about getting up on that particular day and lets you start your week on a positive note.

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