How to Refocus Yourself Amid an Otherwise Unproductive, Boring Day


Not every day at work is going to be brimming with excitement or filled with engaging challenges. At times, there may not be much that captures your attention, leaving you bored. While boredom may be unavoidable at times, learning to refocus during these less-than-thrilling days keeps you from being completely unproductive.

How to Refocus Yourself During an Unproductive, Boring Day

Whether you have more than your fair share of tedious tasks on your plate or are simply struggling to stay engaged while performing your usual duties, combating the negative effects of boredom is critical for your overall success. Otherwise, not only will your productivity suffer, but the quality of your work may tumble as well. In either case, it does not reflect well on you as a professional.

Luckily, there are ways to refocus your mind during even the dullest of days. By learning a few techniques, you can combat the ill-effects of boredom and remain suitably productive. Here are a few options worth exploring.

Eliminate All Distractions Within Your Control

When you are not overly focused in the first place, even the smallest distraction can hinder productivity. If you are struggling to concentrate on the task at hand, eliminate as many distractions as you can possibly muster. Silence any unnecessary smartphone or email notifications. Find a quieter room or close the door to your office. Put up a sign that alerts your colleagues to your need for a distraction-free zone. Essentially, if you have any way to quiet the “noise” that comes with a typical workday, do it.

Schedule High-Intensity Work Bursts

If an assignment is not just tedious but also lengthy, consider scheduling the work across several high-intensity work bursts. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Then, during that time window, give the activity your full intention, striving to make as much progress as possible.

When the timer goes off, give yourself permission to unfocus. Take a short stretch break, grab a cup of coffee, or simply rest your mind for one or two minutes. Once a couple of minutes pass by, set the timer with another 20-minute interval, and repeat the process until the work is done.

Use Engaging Tasks as a Reward

When you head into work, you often have a few duties each day that you enjoy. Usually, professionals like to start their day with these tasks. However, if you have more tedious activities that also need to be handled, resist the urge to begin your day with what you like most.

Instead, use the engaging duties as a reward for completing the duller one. This gives you something to look forward too, increasing the odds that you will buckle down and take care of business. Plus, it also creates an opportunity to end your day on a high note, which can enhance your motivation the following day.

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