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In the architecture, engineering and construction industry, the changing seasons lead to fluctuating workforce needs. While the summer season typically brings an influx in building activities, it is also a time that employees enjoy taking time off to enjoy the warmer weather. This workforce challenge occurs every year, and it could easily be avoided with an employee leasing solution.

Four Ways Employee Leasing Can Help with Seasonal Spikes and Summer Vacations

Employee leasing arrangements enable companies to have the right-sized workforce, based specifically on project demands. With the summer season approaching, increasing productivity should be a top concern. Here are four ways employee leasing solutions help during busy, critical times.

1. Improve Morale

Seasonal spikes are often taxing for your permanent employees. Frequent overtime can be stressful, particularly when it is mandatory. With an employee leasing arrangement, you can bring on additional short-term team members to alleviate these burdens. As a result, your core staff is not overworked, decreasing the risk of burnout and avoiding declines in morale.

With an employee leasing arrangement, you can bring in skilled professionals to cover the workloads of your vacationing workers. This allows you to maintain full productivity without having to overburden your permanent staff. Plus, it decreases the odds that you will have to reject a vacation request, which is also beneficial for morale.

2. Provide Flexibility

Summer is often peak vacation season. Your permanent team is likely looking forward to time away from the workplace during this time of year. However, numerous absences can be hard to manage, especially if vacations may leave you short-staffed.

3. Scale Your Workforce

Employee leasing agreements are highly flexible and customizable. You have the ability to adjust the size of your workforce according to your needs, even when they change quickly. As a result, optimization is achievable, ensuring you have precisely the number of staff members you require at any given point.

At times, seasonal demands necessitate skill sets that are not present in your core workforce. When this occurs, using employee leasing agreements to locate professionals with the right level of expertise for your short-term needs ensure you have access to the skills you need for a precise duration. You get a highly-skilled employee on your terms, without having to add them to your permanent staff.

4. Reduce Administrative Costs

Expanding your permanent workforce comes with significant costs. Along with recruitment, onboarding, and payroll expenses, you also have to contend with workers’ compensation and unemployment. However, when you opt for an employee leasing arrangement, you can reduce your costs. Workers’ compensation and unemployment expenses are handled by the placement agency, and they also shoulder the recruitment process.

Are You Ready to Supplement Your Workforce this Summer?

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