Empower Your Employees to Help Them Accomplish More!


Your leadership enables employees to contribute to the success of the organization and helps them grow professionally. Part of that leadership involves empowerment. Hire well and provide the resources and support they need to succeed. Your employees may surprise you with what they can accomplish.

Help Your Employees Succeed With These Seven Tips

1. Set Clear Expectations 

Clear expectations will provide direction, increase confidence and encourage employees to take on new challenges. Schedule regular milestones to assess whether they are on the right track. This will reduce the risk of serious failure and allow for course correcting, if needed.

2. Provide Tools for Success  

Empowered employees need a variety of resources to do their best. Provide suitable technology to help them manage their day-to-day. Offer training, education and other professional development opportunities to further their efforts. Be accessible to team members so they will feel comfortable coming to you.

3. Help People Forge Their Career Path 

Not everyone has the same goals for their career. Talk to each of your employees about their long term plans and how they view success. Consider what each individual does best and enjoys most to identify how each can best contribute to the organization. It might make sense to adjust their role.

4. Grow Employees at a Reasonable Pace

Giving someone too many responsibilities, or too many new responsibilities, at once can have negative results. A business doesn’t want to leave workers feeling overwhelmed or overworked. When that happens, workers eventually become burnt-out. Overtime, it can cause your employees to begin looking for other opportunities, where they have more compensation or a better work-life-balance.

5. Compensate Well

Paying less than competitive wages sends the message that the company cares more about profits than its workers. When workers feel unappreciated they are likely to be less productive and are more likely to look for work elsewhere. On the other hand, when a company shows its appreciation for its employees’ hard work, they are often more loyal and willing to go the extra mile when needed.

6. Hire Well 

Focus on fit and a drive toward common goals, skills and experience. Empowering employees is more likely to succeed with the right people in place. Try not to rush new hires. If you have a critical vacancy that cannot go empty, consider placing an interim individual in the role as a stopgap measure. Temporary placements can provide the breathing room necessary to make a thoughtful hire.

7. Avoid Micromanaging  

There should be no need for constant micromanagement if you have hired well and supported your employees. New employees may require a higher frequency of check-ins, but once trust has been established, you should be confident that assigned tasks will be completed without excessive supervision. If you still feel the need to direct them continually, consider whether the employee is a bad fit for the role, or if your delegation skills could use a little work. Remember, you hired them for a reason. You can’t do everything.

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Michael S. Shevitz, LEED Green Associate, Vice President

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