Getting Noticed by Upper Management and Your Company’s CEO


If you’re a go-getter at work — and in today’s uber-competitive economy you’d better be or you could find yourself a go-goner from work — you’ll undoubtedly want to move up within the organization.

A great way to do this is to establish a good relationship with your company’s CEO. That’s right, the Big Guy (or Gal). Yes, you definitely should work hard to have a great relationship with your supervisor. But if you can get noticed by the CEO (noticed in a good way), you’ll find that your advancement will either a) go more smoothly b) go more quickly or c) go more quickly and more smoothly.

Here are some ideas as to how you’ll be able to get noticed by your CEO.

First of all, those of you who work in small organizations already may have relationships with your CEO. You may see him every day in the lunch room. For those of you who work in large companies, have patience, the following tips will help you get noticed by your superiors, who over time will start speaking glowingly of you to the CEO.

The most important thing you must do is to change your mindset from employee to, well, CEO. That is, instead of thinking of your place of business as “just” the place where you work, start to think of it as if you owned it. As if you were the CEO.

In other words, think strategically. Study your company’s industry and its  place within it. Think about ideas that can help the company succeed. Flesh your ideas out and present them to your superiors (which, if you work for a small company, could be the CEO him/herself).

On a day to day basis, be a problem-solver, not a whiner or complainer. When you come across a problem or glitch, don’t just go to your boss and say there’s a problem, go to your boss with news of the problem as well as a potential solution.

Take on new challenges and/or projects, especially the ones nobody wants to do. Be at work at time — or even early. Do that which needs to be done, and do so without complaint.

Document all of your successes; write down the ideas you presented, how/if they were implemented and their results (this especially comes in handy at review time; have the facts about your accomplishments and you’re well on your way to a good salary increase).

As for making sure the CEO notices your good work when you work at a large corporation, if you make sure your superiors know of the good things you’re doing for the company. If supervisors and leaders of a company know that you understand their concerns about running and growing a business, they’ll soon enough ensure you meet the CEO.

If you’re looking to work your way up the management ladder, contact RealStreet Staffing. We know the decision makers in the construction, engineering and architecture industries in the Washington Metro area and we know they’re always looking for people who get the business of business. Let us help you work your way up in management. Who knows, a position in which we place you eventually could lead you into upper management! Contact us today.

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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