Motivating Temporary Employees


As a business owner or manager, you’re undoubtedly using more temporary employees at your company for both short- and long-term assignments. In addition, you very well may be using highly skilled temporary workers, such as accountants, human resource managers, even project managers, technical writers, and document control technicians.

Here are some ideas to help you motivate your temporary workforce:

  • Treat your temporary workers with the same respect you give your regular employees. With that in mind, be sure to give your temporary workers a tour of your business, showing them where the bathrooms are, where they can have lunch, etc. Tell them some information about your company and how their position helps you reach your goals. Introduce temporary employees not as “This is Joe, our new temp,” but more along the lines of, ‘This is Joe, who will be helping us with the Brown Project in document control.” A professional introduction shows respect for his skills and the value he brings to your company. It also helps someone feel he’s a valued part of your team.
  • Try to treat your temporary workers as much as possible as you do your regular employees. Let them know of your company’s goals and how their skills  help your organization meet those goals. If possible, invite your temporary workers to staff and department meetings. If not applicable, at the least, be sure they know of know of your company’s announcements and short-term plans for the department in which they work.
  • If you hire temporary workers onto your regular payroll, let your temporary employees know so right up front. Tell them to talk to their staffing supervisor if they are interested in coming on to your payroll — and be sure to speak to your staffing service contact if you decide to bring someone on to your payroll.
  • You may want to consider offering cash incentives to long-term temporary employees, especially if you have no plans of hiring people onto your own payroll. Cash incentives can be very helpful in keeping highly skilled individuals working on a long-term project to its completion.

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