Dealing With Employee Turnover


Retaining good employees consists of more than providing a good benefits package and high salary. It also consists of creative incentives and a positive working environment that allows the employee to feel both appreciated and a valued member of the organization. The more focus a company puts on its employees, the more success the company will see because happy employees produce results.

However, all companies have to deal with employee turnover. Turnover affects more than just a loss of a staff member for the company; it can cause a ripple effect that could negatively impact the rest of you staff.

The best way to stave off excessive employee turnover is through open communication with your staff. Maintain an open-door policy that allows them to come and talk to you about the level of turnover in your company. Take their suggestions on how to slow down the turnover process. Institute best practices and employee incentive programs aimed at keeping good employees.

More than that, however, carefully screen new employees to find people who won’t change jobs when the going gets tough. Institute a longer hiring process that gives you more of a chance to get to know a potential employee before you make a hiring decision. Explain to potential employees that you are working to eliminate high turnover so that they are aware of the expectation to remain committed to the job if they take it.

There is no way to ensure that you won’t have employee turnover to some degree in your company. However, if you institute policies that make the staff feel as though they are a pertinent part of your organization, they will feel more loyal and compelled to stay. Moreover, if you continue to be open to suggestions, the desire to improve becomes a team effort among staff and management alike that will only contribute to your company’s ability to get even better at employee retention over time.

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Colonel Stuart Harrison, PE, USA (ret)

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