Perk Power


On-the-job perks can be very powerful when it comes to recruiting and even retaining employees. Let us count the ways:

1) When employees feel they are being “taken care of by their employers” (more on this in a moment)  the more likely they are to recommend your company to their friends, neighbors and former colleagues. Word-of-mouth recruiting can be a great way to get the best candidates (terrific employees tend to refer/recommend terrific candidates).

2) Perks often can cost you relatively little in cash. Flexible work arrangements, mentoring programs, free or company-subsidized snacks and beverages in break rooms, etc. can go a long way to helping your employees feel “cared for.”

3) Feeling that their employer cares for them also can be extended to opportunities for career and professional growth. Subsidized training shows you care about an employee’s future.

4) Perks can go quite a long way in improving morale. Many workers — survivors of cutbacks, doing the job of one, two, or more people — are reaching capacity regarding how much more they can give. It’s time for a little appreciation! Offering a bit more flexibility in scheduling or Free-Muffin-Fridays can make a big difference in how an employer is perceived. Such small, but effective, tokens of appreciation, if done regularly, can help keep employees motivated to continue giving you their best.

5) Finally, perks can increase innovation. Offer your employees the chance to learn new skills or fine tune existing ones via mentoring or employer-paid training programs and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly they’ll be implementing new ideas or increasing their productivity.

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The remarkable professionals at RealStreet has been a true gift for me and my family. I like so many others were terminated due to COVID slowing my prior company down and they could no longer support my position. I was in a challenging situation being the sole provider for my Mother, my children and myself. Read More…

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