Important Employee Performance Management Tasks


When supervising employees, don’t forget these important performance management tasks:

1) Be sure to align your workers’ goals with your company’s goals. As you create SMART (specific,  measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for your workers, be sure you align these goals with your firm’s vision and objectives. By doing so you’ll help employees understand how their work contributes to your firm’s performance. You may want to link workers’ goals with department, division or even company-wide goals. This can be a terrific means to keep your employees engaged and focused on your business’ success.

2) Make sure your employees complete self-assessments. Doing so allows you to understand how your workers view their performance. You’ll also give your staffers a voice in the performance assessment process. You may worry that your employees will give you just glowing reviews of their work, but this almost always is not the case. In fact, individuals tend to be harder on themselves than their supervisors. Asking your employees to complete self-assessments is a terrific way to get information on how they view themselves and will allow an employee’s manager or supervisor to deal with differences in opinion or perception and acquire insight into their subordinates’ expectations.

3) Put together plans to develop your employees. Once your workers meet with supervisors to go over their performance, it’s important that employees and their supervisors then put together a development plan. This plan can include expectations for improvement as well as learning activities (seminars, software, courses) workers can take to improve performance, skills or knowledge. Putting together such a plan tell workers that their career growth is important to the firm. This also helps increase employee engagement.

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