Strategies for Managing Different Personality Types


Managing Different Personality TypesThe most effective workplaces are made up of a dynamic group of employees, each whom has their own set of strengths and talents.  However, when a team consists of diverse individuals, they also have different personality traits and work styles.  Some employees take the slow and steady approach whereas some are constantly looking for more work.  Some need constant direction whereas others prefer to set their own agenda.  As a manager, it’s important that you understand these different personalities to ensure that your employees are being as productive, creative, and efficient as possible.  Take a look at what psychologists say are three of the most common personality types below, and use these hints to identify and effectively manage the employees in your organization.

Type A Personality
“Type A” is the most commonly thrown around phrase when talking about personality types.  Type A individuals are usually described as ambitious, highly organized, impatient, and proactive.  They’re often known to be obsessed with time management and always push themselves with deadlines.  In the workplace, Type A employees take charge in group settings and make sure their voice is always heard. These employees are best managed by using a hands-off approach.  They’re driven by personal achievement and recognition, so allow them to self-motivate.  Micro-managing Type A personalities will only lead to resentment or backlash.

Type B Personality
People with Type B personalities work at lower stress levels than their Type A counterparts. They enjoy achievement, but do not stress at failure. Type B personalities like exploring ideas and concepts and are usually more creative.  Avoid placing Type B employees in solitary positions, as they tend to be very social and thrive on collaboration.  Type B personalities should be customer or supplier facing since they’re excellent communicators.  Spend time working directly with Type B employees; they value managers that treat them as partners.

Type C Personality
The less commonly talked about of the three, Type C personality is usually characterized as extremely detail-oriented and highly introverted.  People with Type C personality traits are polar opposites of those with Type A personality.  They are quiet, introspective, non-assertive, and will go to great lengths to appease others.  Employees with Type C personality don’t like to be the center of attention and are most comfortable working behind the scenes. Type C employees are most commonly found in internal auditing and other data-driven jobs. Employees with Type C personalities don’t do well in management positions, but enjoy being given tasks and directions.  The best way to manage these employees is by trusting them with large detail oriented tasks that allow them to solve complex challenges.

By learning to identify and appreciate the different personalities in your team members, you’ll have a more effective work environment. Value their personality strengths and work those strengths to your advantage, and you’ll have a positive impact on results.

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