Tips on How to Ask “Did I Get the Job?”


Your resume made the cut, you made it through the phone screen, and you had an excellent interview for the most perfect job position.  After the interview, you sent out your Thank You e-mails to all the right people and let them know how interested you are in the position. Now, for the past week, you’ve been checking your e-mail every 5 minutes, waiting to hear back from your dream employer.  Did they lose your contact info? Did they hire someone else? Should you call and check or will they think you’re annoying?  These are all questions that are circling in your head. Below are a few guidelines that will help you follow up, ease your worrying, and increase your chances of getting the job.

 Ask During the Interview.
If you didn’t do this already, you’ll know for next time.  While it may not be appropriate to ask the interviewer, “So, did I get the job?” you should ask what the next steps are at the end of your interview. The interviewer should be able to tell you whether they let all candidates know of their decision, and how and when they will do so.  Ask whom you should follow up with should you have any additional questions.  Doing so prevents them from just saying “We’ll be in touch”.

Be Gracious.
When following up, make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and mention specifics to help them remember you in a positive light.  Express your excitement about the position, as well as the company as a whole.  They may still be interviewing candidates or think you’d be a better fit for a different position in the organization.  Your level of professionalism when following up will set you apart from other candidates.

Call or Email.
After your initial follow-up email, the most appropriate time to reach out, if you haven’t heard anything, is seven to ten days after the interview.  If you were given an email address for follow-up contact, e-mail that contact first, before making a phone call. Begin by acknowledging that the recipient is busy and thanking them for their time.  Reiterate once again that you are highly interested, and politely ask whether they’ve made a hiring decision.

If you follow up with a phone call, be mindful of the time in which you call.  Morning hours tend to be the busiest for most hiring managers, so wait until later in the afternoon to place a call.  Create a plan for following up and stick to it.  If you call more than once a week, you’ll be seen as pesky and overly eager.  Candidates that don’t follow up at all can be interpreted as disinterested and lazy.

Continue your Job Search.
Don’t waste time badgering an employer if you’re not getting warm feedback or any response at all. Sometimes no answer is an answer.  Take it as a hint, and continue looking for another job.  You never know when an even better opportunity will pop up. Don’t chance missing it because you got hung up on a position that wasn’t meant to be.

Keep in Contact.
When you are getting good vibes from someone you interviewed with, but the process is dragging out, check in periodically.  Don’t make the check-in about the job, but about keeping that person as a professional connection.  Send them an article you think they’d find interesting or congratulate them if they happen to get a promotion. Show that you can offer the connection value without expecting anything in return.  Doing so will keep you top of mind, and let them know you’re still out there in a non-pesky way.


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Richard "Skip" J. Parks, PE LEED AP, Vice President

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