Ace Your Next Interview With These 4 Tips


Finally! After submitting countless resumes and cover letters, you  got a call from what could quite possibly be your dream job, and they want to interview you.  The competition is strong, but the interview is another chance to outshine the other applicants.  It’s time to pull your best interview outfit out of the closet and show the employer why you’re the best fit for the job.  Here are four tips to make sure you ace the interview and land the job.

Do your homework.
In order to keep your confidence during an interview, it is important to do research and prepare yourself ahead of time.  Learn as much as you can about the company. Go to their website and familiarize yourself with their mission, vision, and customers.  Visit their social sites; they might have more up to date information about the day to day activities and provide a closer look into the company culture and values. Search for any recent news articles or press releases about the company, so that you know what they are currently working on. Doing your homework will help you discover what things are most important to the organization.  If you know how the company is organized, what the culture is like, and what they value most, you can make a case for how you will be an asset to the organization.

Prepare a strategy.
Before you even get to the interview, rehearse two or three key messages that you want to convey to the interviewer.  These messages should make connections between your past work experience and what is needed to succeed in the role you are applying for.  Formulate the messages as stories in answers to behavioral interview questions.  An interviewer is much more likely to relate to stories and commit them to memory than they will hard facts.

Remember your manners.
Your interview etiquette is an extremely important part of acing the interview.  The company is looking to hire a strong candidate who knows how to behave properly and look presentable in the workplace.  Here are a few of the most important things an interviewer is looking for in regards to etiquette:

  • Appearance: How you dress, groom yourself, etc. will be judged.  Wear proper interview attire, and look well put together.  Believe it or not, how your appearance rates against the other candidates will play into the hiring decision.  You do not want to be remembered as the guy who looked sloppy or the girl whose skirt was too short.
  • Body Language: The interviewer will pay attention to how your present yourself.  Try not to slouch or fidget.  Make sure to introduce yourself and offer a firm handshake when you walk into the room.
  • Interest Level: The interviewer will try to assess your interest in the job throughout the conversation.  Therefore, it is important to not look bored or disengaged at any point in the interview.
  • Thank You Note: A surprising number of candidates still neglect to follow up with a thank you note after an interview.  Even if you do not feel as though the interview went well, the interviewers still took time to meet with you, and you should send them a follow up note to thank them for their time. 

Be passionate.
Even if you don’t have all the required skills for the job, do not let the interview turn into conversation focusing on where your experience is lacking.  Instead, turn the attention to areas where you are qualified and your potential moving forward.  Speak with enthusiasm and passion so that your interviewer captures your positive energy for the job.  Remember, interviewers often choose the candidate they like the most and not the one that is most qualified in technical standards. 

Now that you know how to ace an interview, it’s time to put your skills to the test with RealStreet Staffing.  Our experienced recruiters offer excellent interview and career guidance and can help you find your ideal job opportunity. Contact RealStreet Staffing today!

I have worked with RealStreet for the past five years to provide supplemental staffing for two federal government contracts. It has been a great partnership. I find RealStreet to be attentive and responsive to our needs, reliable, and they consistently find great people that fit what we need for multiple roles on two different programs.

Kevin T. Fitzpatrick, PMP, Peer Review Program Manager

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