3 Ways to Keep Employees Focused on Work as Summer Heats Up


As summer heats up, it is easy to get a “school’s out” feeling, and head off to the pool.

Unfortunately, even if the kids are out of school, business must go on.  So how do you keep employees motivated during the dog days of summer?

3 Tips to Keep Employees on Track During the Summer

  1. Keep the Office Cool.
    Employees tend to be more efficient when it is cooler, so keep the office at a lower temperature during the summer. Hire extra air conditioning units or fans if necessary. It’s nearly impossible to stay focused when you’re sweating from the heat.  Making sure your staff is comfortable will help motivate them.  If you have a strict dress code, try taking a more relaxed approach when the weather is exceptionally warm.
  2. Offer Flexibility in Hours.
    If your work schedule allows for it, offer summer hours.  Think about letting your employees come in to work early and leave a little earlier.  Or start later in the day, so that your staff can enjoy the sunshine in the morning.  Some offices even consider letting employees work an hour longer Monday thru Thursday and then take a half day on summer Fridays.  Either way, offering alternative hours in the summer is a no cost way to help improve the working environment making employees more productive.
  3. Celebrate Success.
    During long, hot days productivity and morale can drop. Because of this, it is important to offer more positive reinforcement by recognizing hard work and celebrating achievements.  This can be as simple as a thank you note for a small accomplishment, or an impromptu get-together for the entire team, such as lunch or an ice cream social.  You can also opt for a fun activity like taking the team to the movies or bowling for some air-conditioned, team building.

Follow these steps and keep employees happy and motivated, and you’ll power through the dog days of summer.

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