4 Perks to Offer Your Staff to Motivate Them to Work To Their Potential


People are the most important asset of your organization, so it is important to keep people motivated and engaged at work.  Every company needs decision makers, visionaries, and employees on the front line giving their all, day after day.  Happy employees tend to be much more productive than those who are unsatisfied with their jobs. Rewarding employees with perks is a great way to ensure they stay happy, especially during the summer season.

Wellness and Social Responsibility Initiatives
A healthy work-life balance can be a great employee motivator.  Consider offering reimbursement for gym memberships or fitness related purchases up to a set amount a year.  This encourages employees to say active, which in turn makes them feel better and increases productivity in the workplace.

Also consider offering a specific amount of time off for employees to volunteer.  Many employees have a social cause they’re passionate about, and they would appreciate that you support their cause by allowing them time to give back to the community.

Flexible Work Hours and Vacation Time
Allowing employees to have a flexible schedule can create a more balanced work/home life. Some organizations require employees to be at work during core hours, and allow employees to set their schedule around those hours.  Other companies allow employees to set their own hours as long as they can get their work done and meet the minimum number of required hours. Certain organizations even allow for their employees to telework a certain number of days each week. This only works if your employees get their work done and are held accountable. It is also important to know when employees are working (either in the office or at home) and when they are not, so you can plan for adequate coverage if needed.

Another perk some companies offer is flexibility in paid time off (PTO).  Instead of having a set amount of vacation time and a set number of sick days (that can only be used if you’re sick), employers are combining all of those hours into a time bank.  Then employees can choose how to best use their PTO bank to suit their individual needs. This keeps employees from faking sick just to have an extra day off.

Relaxed Office Environment
Having a relaxed, friendlier office environment encourages employees to let their individual styles shine through, and be more collaborative with each other.  Unless meetings require otherwise, offer a more relaxed dress code, especially during the hot summer months. If it doesn’t impair your employees’ ability to work effectively, hold weekly events such as a pot-luck lunch day or a bring your dog to work day. Some companies even offer shorter Friday workdays during the summer.  This gives employees an extra perk to look forward to as a reward for all of their hard work. After all, if you gain a reputation of all work and no play, employees could find it more difficult to remain motivated to work to their fullest potential.

Food and Beverages
Many employees appreciate working for a company with a well-stocked break room.  Possibly provide free coffee, water, and snacks for employees during work hours.  Keep milk and fresh fruit in the kitchen for a healthy option.  Not only is this a perk that saves employees a little money, it is beneficial to you as the employer because it keeps them from leaving the office to go get coffee or a snack. Therefore, breaks become more efficient and employees feel refueled and motivated to do their work.

Special treats, such as ordering pizza for the office or a team when it accomplishes goals, can go a long way as well.  Ordering-in can act as a bonus and can foster a community environment. Small rewards like concert tickets or movie outings can also keep the workplace exciting and can help foster a better company culture.

Encouraging high performance can be as easy as rewarding it. Small gestures can show employees how much you appreciate them, which will not only motivate, but also increase retention.  Productive, satisfied employees are a crucial element to the success of your organization.

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