3 Ways to Refocus Your Efforts When You’ve Been Out of Work for an Extended Period of Time


When you have been out of work, the ever-growing employment gap on your resume can be disheartening. This situation can be especially discouraging if you have been out of work for a long period of time, or if you haven’t been getting calls for interviews.  Don’t worry—RealStreet Staffing is here to help.  Use the following tips to refocus your efforts and land a job in the architectural, construction, or engineering industry.

Make finding a new job your job.
An effective job search takes time and discipline.  Make sure you set aside at least three to four hours a day to work on your resume, update your online networking profiles, and browse job listings.   As soon as you see a position you are interested in, apply for it. Due to the competitive job market, positions open and close daily and you have to get your application in as quickly as possible.  Staying on top of your job search is crucial if you’re serious about finding a new role.

You need to be organized and have a schedule.  Make sure you have all of your paperwork organized; job descriptions, resumes, cover letters, etc.  Create templates for your cover letter and resume and have them readily available to tailor to your desired position as needed.  Recruiters want to see applications expressing interest in their specific job post, so it’s helpful to have a resume template that can be quickly edited to fit each job description.

Use your network.
You’ve heard it said over and over again, but finding a job in today’s market is often about who you know.  A personal recommendation is the easiest way to land an interview. Thanks to social media sites like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with people that can help advance your career.  Connect with family, friends, professors, and previous colleagues.  Let them know you’re in the market for a new job, and ask if they would keep an eye out for the kind of positions you’re looking for.  You never know who they will be able to introduce you to, unless you ask.

Talk to RealStreet Staffing.
RealStreet Staffing, the leading staffing and recruiting firm for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals, matches experienced job seekers with rewarding career opportunities in the AEC communities.  We know the market. We know the decision makers. We have the contacts, resources and experience to help you build a better career.

Our True-Match system matches your skills, interests, and experience with the ideal opportunity for you from a wide variety of assignments with internationally known employers throughout the DC/Baltimore Metro area and the continental U.S.

RealStreet Staffing is an employer who understands your needs. All of our staff members have worked in construction or construction-related fields. This first-hand industry experience helps us better appreciate the needs, wants and interests of our talented candidates.

Don’t waste another day being frustrated about your job search.  Browse the open positions on our website or contact a recruiter today, and you’ll be starting an exciting new career in no time.

A career in construction administration and management can be (and for me has been) one of constant transition. It’s rather common that employment with a given company starts and finishes with each successive project; you’re a new hire as it’s just getting “out of the ground,” then finished and looking for a new project (and Read More…

Greg Wangler, Pentagon Construction Management Division

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