Developing a Plan to Grow Your Employee’s Responsibilities


When a new employee starts, do you have a plan for them in a year? How about 5 years?   An important quality of a good manager is the ability and desire to develop employees. Taking a role in their career development shows that you care about your team and have concern for the future of the organization.  Therefore, it is important to establish a path for employees to not only succeed in your company, but also grow within the organization.

4 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Employees for Success

  • Encourage Development.
    Start by telling your employees that you would like to meet with them to discuss career goals and hopes.  Ask them to consider their options for growth and development as well as how they see their career progress at the organization.  High-potential employees will come to the meeting excited to talk about development.  You want these employees on your team.  They’re the future leaders of your organization.
  • Match employees with mentors.
    Once you’ve talked through your employees’ goals, pair them with a mentor that’s in a similar role to what they’d like to achieve.  In mentoring, an organization’s existing talent can divulge their expertise to one another.  Both mentors and mentees benefit and gain knowledge from the mentoring process.
  • Come up with a plan.
    Have mentees work with their mentors to create a career development plan.  Planning is vital to career advancement.  Employees should establish goals that are in tune with their strengths as well as their long-term aspirations, and work with you to develop a road map to achieving those goals. It is your job as a manager to make sure employees have the resources and support needed from the organization to accomplish the steps of their plan.
  • Help expand their network.
    In today’s workplace, knowing the right people is the biggest key to advancing your career.  Having a solid network of like-minded professionals is crucial.  A network provides an unyielding source of advice, support, and inspiration.  Recommend local networking events and professional groups that will help your employees build their network.

The more effort you put into developing your employees, the greater rewards they will reap for your business.  Good coaching and development planning produces positive results.

How Can RealStreet Staffing Assist You?

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