Determining if You are Overqualified for an Available Position


You have been seeking a job for a while, reading one job description after another, but nothing has captured your attention.  You finally spot a job you would love to do, though you are almost certain you could do it with your eyes closed.  Determining whether to apply for a job you may be overqualified for is a difficult decision, especially if you’re unemployed in a bad economy or eager to get out of your current job. Here are a few things to consider when determining whether to apply for the job or keep looking for a new one.

Do in-depth research.
Do your homework and learn more about the organization.  Find out all you can about the potential employer: the culture, reviews of the company, their current employees.  Check employee’s LinkedIn and social media feeds.  Do they complain about their job online, or do they rave about the company they work for?  Sometimes even though your skill set may seem more advanced then the job description, you will find that they company has an excellent culture and room for long term growth.

Decide whether the job will benefit your career.
Even though the job may be a step down, is there a potential for growth that could help you climb the ladder to reach your long-term career goals? Will the job allow you to exercise your current skill set or teach you new skills?  If you aren’t going to be learning anything new and your current knowledge is going to go to waste, then chances are you’re too overqualified.  It may be best to wait for another opportunity.  However, if this position will allow you to acquire new skills that can boost your chances of getting a better job later on, then it’s a good idea to accept the position.

Be realistic about your other prospects.
In a perfect world you would find three jobs you are qualified for and get offers all at once. Unfortunately, job-hunting usually doesn’t work out that way.  You can’t compare the job at hand to theoretical options.  You have to be realistic about what other jobs might come down the line.  Look at the other applications you’ve put in and honestly assess which ones you are likely to get an offer from.  Do those align more with your skill set and experience?  Make a list of things you really want in a job and then see how many of those qualifications this job meets.  In the end, you might need to let go of the idea that there is a completely perfect job out right now.

Determine how long you can wait for another opportunity.
When you’re out of work and in a competitive job market, it’s natural to want to apply for any position that comes your way.  It’s easy to overvalue a job when you are in that situation.  However, instead of talking yourself into a job that may not be the best fit just because you have bills to pay, explore other alternatives such as accepting a temporary / contract  job.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or full-time opportunity, let the experienced recruiters at RealStreet Staffing help put your job search on the fast track.  RealStreet Staffing matches executive level construction professionals with career opportunities in the architectural, engineering and construction communities. Contact us today and we will help you find the perfect job for your skill-set.

RealStreet has proven to be a trusted resource for me for critical facility staffing needs. They strive to understand client requirements and resource them fully with a minimum of contractual actions to enable the support. I am quite satisfied with their services and give my complete recommendation.

Colonel Stuart Harrison, PE, USA (ret)

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