RealStreet Dallas Branch Office Opening in August


RealStreet – a Maryland-based, specialty employment and recruiting firm in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) field – announces the opening of a new branch office in Dallas, Texas on August 3, 2015. As a result, RealStreet will have a physical presence in Tysons Corner, VA, Bel Air, MD, Marriottsville, MD, Frederick, MD and now Dallas, TX.

The Dallas, Texas Branch Manager, Eddie Windebank was hired in early July and got to work on this endeavor immediately. He came to RealStreet with over 17 years of sales and recruiting experience, specializing in a variety of disciplines such as engineering, regulatory and compliance, information technology, healthcare information technology, and healthcare. To learn more about Eddie and the path taken to get to RealStreet, refer to the bios section of our company website.

The expansion into Dallas will be a valuable growth opportunity, allowing the company to better serve a demanding market. RealStreet’s understanding of the changing needs of the AEC industry provides unparalleled results for our clients. Whether you or someone you know are starting a new construction project, considering a job change, or just want to know more about what we do, contact RealStreet!

Contact Eddie Windebank.

About RealStreet
RealStreet is a leading national employment and recruiting firm for the architecture, engineering and construction communities throughout the United States. With exclusive industry focus, first-hand construction experience and professional recruiting expertise, RealStreet lays a solid foundation for the success of its clients. From commercial and private ventures to Federal Government initiatives, RealStreet maintains a diverse portfolio of highly qualified individuals with the unique skills, deep expertise and select industry-related certifications required to ensure successful construction project completion. For more information regarding RealStreet, visit our company website.

RealStreet has been a valued business partner on our federal contracts for a period of 12 years. At every instance they have provided the highest quality staff with a sense of urgency and with great professionalism. They have invested their capital to understand our clients and industry needs.By prequalifying their staff with all necessary training Read More…

Guy Frearson, PMP, Associate Vice President

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