Key Warning Signs You’re Letting Your Job Ruin Your Personal Life


How satisfied are you in your current role? Unfortunately, more than half of the workforce is at least somewhat unhappy at work. According to a 2015 survey conducted by The Conference Board, only 48.3% of U.S. workers are truly satisfied with their jobs.

Even ideal jobs have their challenges and no one is completely happy all of the time, but it’s important to have a healthy work-life balance. When you have the occasional bad day at the office, it’s understandable if you leave a little upset. However, if you are unhappy at work more often than not, it might be time to reevaluate your situation, especially if it is influencing your life outside of work.

4 Signs You’re Letting Your Job Ruin Your Personal Life

Is your job impacting your personal life? Stress from work should not affect your entire existence. If any of the following four scenarios sound familiar, it could indicate an undesirable work situation.

1. You’re unable to check your workplace woes at the door.

While your work may be filled with a plethora of unpleasant aspects — e.g. a demanding boss, unrealistic deadlines and work that no longer interests you, it should not regularly impact your home life. You have to be able to leave it at the office. If you come home in a bad mood and have trouble engaging in the things that normally make you happy during your free time, you can negatively impact relationships as well as your overall well-being. When you find yourself obsessing about the office after-hours, make a point to channel your thoughts elsewhere and unwind. Find a healthy activity that can help you reduce stress, such as reading a book, writing in journal or going to the gym.

2. You rarely spend time with loved ones.

When you work long hours, it’s only natural to want to go home and relax, but isolating yourself won’t help matters. If you can barely remember when you spent quality time with your family and friends, it’s time for a reality check. Schedule a dinner with the family or have your friends over for a movie night. Being around those you care about is a great way to boost your mood.

3. Waking up on weekdays has become torture.

There is a big difference between not being a morning person and not wanting to get out of bed because you’re dreading your job. When you begrudgingly get out of bed and immediately start counting down the hours until you can turn in again, you’re essentially closing your mind to the possibility of having a good day. To have a more positive outlook, view each day as a clean slate. It will help improve your overall mindset.

4. You have developed unhealthy habits to cope with work stress.

Trading in your evening run for a nap on the couch or your lunchtime salad for a greasy burger may help you feel better when you’ve had a rough day, but it isn’t addressing the real issue. If this behavior continues over time, unhealthy habits could be formed. Succumbing to work pressures by sacrificing good habits or by becoming someone you’re not, will only make you feel worse in the long-run. Assess any unhealthy habits acquired due to work related anxiety and ditch them to get back to your true self.

Find a job that makes you happy.

If you notice work-related stress impacting your personal life on a regular basis, evaluate your situation. Consider how you can more effectively manage stress and leave it at the office at the end of the day. Factor the impact it has had on your happiness and relationships. It might be time to consider new employment opportunities.

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