How to Prepare for a Last Minute, Same Day Interview


While most companies try to give you a few days’ notice when inviting you in for a face-to-face job interview, circumstances might necessitate a same day meeting. For example, if a company has tight timeline and you are unavailable the next couple of days, the hiring manager might extend an offer to interview later that same day. Of course, you can decline due to the lack of lead time, but doing so may cause you to be passed up for the job.

Even if an interview is last minute, you still need to bring your A-game. When scheduling the interview, provide yourself enough time to adequately research the company and make your way to office with time to spare. Ensure you are able to make the best use of your time by having a few key resources on hand and ready to go at all times.

3 Tips to Always Be Ready for a Last Minute Interview

Impress a hiring manager with barely any notice by taking these three steps:

Have Your Outfit Ready

Keep at least one clean, crisp, professional outfit in your closet (or car, if you have a full-time job) at all times, so you can get cleaned up at a moment’s notice. When you only have a few hours to prepare for a job interview, there isn’t time to take your suit to the dry cleaner or buy a new one at the store. Never underestimate the importance of being dressed to impress — even if the hiring manager says it isn’t necessary due to the lack of time.

Keep Extra Copies of Your Resume On-Hand

Even in today’s digital age, you never want to be caught at a job interview without extra copies of your resume. Print 10 copies to keep in a folder in your car, so you can quickly grab a few if you need them in a pinch. In addition to your folder of resumes, keep a pad of paper on hand to take notes during an interview, and don’t forget your notes questions formulated while researching the company.

Make a List of All Jobs You Apply For

It can be very difficult to remember all the jobs you have applied for, especially if you’ve been searching for awhile. Make it easy to refresh your memory on the specifics of a job, by maintaining a list. Track each position, noting the date you submitted your application along with a link to the job post for quick reference.

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