Show Your Appreciation for Your Staff Through Your Management Style


Thanksgiving is upon us and you have a wonderful staff to be grateful for this year. These skilled, hardworking people have their choice of companies to work for, but they chose your organization. Ensure your management style aligns with the respect you have for your incredible team.

How to Manage Your Staff to Show Your Appreciation

Make sure your employees know how thankful you are to have them on your team by incorporating these four tactics into your management style:

1. Listen to Their Ideas

There are few things more frustrating for a talented employee than feeling as though they don’t have a voice. Show your team that you value their opinions by asking them to weigh in on projects, rather than simply handing out assignments. Encouraging employees to share ideas will indicate you value their input. Plus collaboration enables creative thinking, and the entire team could benefit from the sharing of ideas, knowledge and past experiences. In the end, it could improve processes and project outcomes, further enabling the business’ success.

2. Do Not Micromanage

As the boss, you’re responsible for the work completed by your employees. While it’s only natural to want to stay informed of their progress, make sure your oversight isn’t overwhelming. Micromanaging will only frustrate your team and make them feel incompetent. Show your staff that you trust them by backing away and allowing them to complete work on their own terms.

3. Acknowledge Great Work

It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel as though your efforts go unnoticed. Show your team how much you appreciate them by acknowledging the great work they do. When someone exceeds your expectations, stop by their desk or write them an email thanking them for a job well done. A little bit of recognition can really go a long way.

4. Be Kind and Respectful

Being in a position of power comes with a host of responsibilities that can be very stressful. When you’re under a lot of pressure, it can be easy to inadvertently lash out at your employees. Be aware of your attitude and how you address others. Make a point to treat everyone on your team politely and with respect, because no one wants to work for a manager who treats them poorly.

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A career in construction administration and management can be (and for me has been) one of constant transition. It’s rather common that employment with a given company starts and finishes with each successive project; you’re a new hire as it’s just getting “out of the ground,” then finished and looking for a new project (and Read More…

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