When is it the Right Time to Start Looking for Your Next Hire?


If your company is fully staffed right now, looking for your next hire is probably the furthest thing from your mind — but this should not be the case. As a manager, it is imperative that you are as prepared as possible for a variety of scenarios, from general growth to an emergency that creates an urgent need to hire. When it comes down to it, you should never stop looking for your next employee! Beginning the process of looking for your next employee now will  you’re ready when the time comes to fill an open position.

3 Ways to Be Proactive With Your Next Hire

1. Make a Hiring Plan

Devise a strategy to make sure all hiring managers are following the same practices and that the quality of any new employee is consistent across the board. It is impossible to know who to hire if you are unsure of the direction your company is headed, so closely examine your short and long-term goals to see what positions you will need to fill in the future. If you and/or your HR department are unable to establish a strategy, consider working with a staffing firm. Companies such as RealStreet can help asses your needs, develop a plan and provide the top talent you need to see ongoing success!

2. Assess Your Current Workforce

Your next great hire may already be on your payroll! Carefully evaluate your staff to see who is performing well and has the most growth potential. When the time comes to post a job, consider promoting one of your top team members. Otherwise, you risk losing them to another company that will better appreciate their value. Keep in mind, a promotion still leaves a position unfilled. Factor any potential vacancies into your plan.

3. Create a Candidate Selection Pool

Searching for talented candidates should not just be something you do when you have an open position. Always keep your eyes open for qualified individuals who fit your company culture. Attend conferences, trade shows, industry networking events, search LinkedIn and accept resumes for future positions. While this can time-consuming, a staffing partner can handle the job, ensuring you have a talented selection pool to choose from when you are ready to make your next hire.

Planning Ahead is the Key to Success

RealStreet is an employee leasing company you can trust. Our firm is built and run by architecture, engineering and construction industry experts. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to understand your needs and help your business achieve success. Gain access to the top talent you’ll need down the road by planning ahead and partnering with RealStreet today.  Contact us to learn more!

As the Project Director on the 495 Express Lanes Mega Project we encounter the need of services of many disciplines of workers, from administrative, human resources, designers, project control experts and engineering. RealStreet Staffing was always able to supply our team with capable and experienced personnel on a very short notice.This contributed significantly to our Read More…

Mitchell Lester, Project Director 495 Express Lanes

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