Your Unfilled Position is Draining Your Company’s Resources: Plug It!


Hiring decisions require a great deal of time and attention because they have a significant impact on the company. Unfortunately, managers already have a plethora of responsibilities and often juggle packed schedules, even on good days. When businesses are understaffed, employees and managers often find themselves filling in the gaps, making the challenge of filling an open position even more difficult.

While it is often difficult for those making hiring decisions to set aside the time needed to adequately source, interview and hire new employees, prolonging the process only compounds the problem. An outstanding open position can have a negative impact on the entire business, from the individual employees to the company’s bottom line. Avoid ongoing issues by making the search for qualified candidates a top priority.

Three Reasons to Fill Your Open Position ASAP

1. Overtime Costs Add Up Fast

When a company is short-staffed, the rest of the team has to pick up the slack. If employees are paid hourly, they will need to be paid time-and-a-half after 40 hours of work during a standard workweek. Ongoing overtime expenses will impact the payroll budget, cutting into the bottom line. If the vacant position requires specialized knowledge or skills, current employees may not be able to do the work, further delaying the progress and completion of projects. Before long, the additional work and stress will take it’s toll on the remaining employees.

2. Impact of an Overworked Team

Employees may not have a problem putting in the extra hours initially, but they are only human. Eventually they will feel overworked and undervalued. As the added pressures and responsibilities build, more and more individuals will become discontent in their roles. As morale declines, productivity drops, mistakes are made and once engaged employees begin to search for opportunities elsewhere. Remedy the situation, and avoid employee burnout, by sourcing qualified candidates and quickly filling the open position.

3. Important Tasks Are Being Neglected

Despite best efforts, employees might not be able to complete all of the responsibilities associated with the unfilled position. They may have a handle on the most pressing tasks, but everything else piles up while waiting for the new hire to take command. In the meantime, the untouched work could cause the company to miss key opportunities or lose existing business. Filling the position in a timely manner will enable the rest of the team to function effectively and at full capacity.

Hire the Best Candidates 

Finding ideal candidates can be a challenge for busy business owners and managers. With a variety of employment options, including employee leasing, temp-to-hire and direct hire, RealStreet can handle your employment needs. Contact us to access today’s top architecture, engineering and construction talent!

RealStreet saved us more than once with temporary help on some of our most demanding construction projects, particularly when we needed experienced, responsible and professional individuals on such short notice. We were particularly grateful for the Quality Control Manager (QCM) you were able to provide while our full-time QCM was on short-term disability, at the Read More…

Michael S. Shevitz, LEED Green Associate, Vice President

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