Experience Matters: Find the Job that Matches Yours


The decision to make a change and begin the next chapter of your career is a significant step, one that may feel both exciting and terrifying. The latter often stems from uncertainty. Will your next job be the right fit or an unfortunate mistake? Avoid making the wrong decision by take the time to find opportunities that fit for your skills, interests and experience.

Four Ways to Find the Best Job for Your Qualifications

Your career has been filled with outstanding accomplishments and valuable learning experiences, which have shaped you into the talented professional you are today. Unfortunately, the next steps along your career path are not always clear. How do you find an opportunity that fits your experience? Use the following tips to ensure your next job is an ideal match.

1. Inventory Your Skills

If you are unsure about what competencies you have to offer, navigating a job search can be difficult. Begin by making a list of your skills and experience, so you know exactly what you have to offer. Include knowledge gained at previous jobs — even if you have not used it in awhile — because you never know what will catch the eye of a hiring manager. Plus, the last thing you want to do is sell yourself short.

2. Stop Focusing on Title

The same job might be called five different things at five different companies. Basing your search on one job title may not work. For example, if you are only searching for project manager openings, you might miss out on the same job packaged as an implementation manager or an associate project manager in another listing. Avoid missing opportunities by using search terms based on your skills and experience, instead of job title.

3. Seek Career Counseling

When you have a variety of opportunities at your fingertips, knowing which direction to head can be a challenge. Unfortunately, taking a wrong turn can deter your career. Consult an industry professional in a role similar to one you consider acquiring for advice, or meet with a recruiter for help navigating your options. Whether you have a plethora of uncertainties or you could simply use an experienced opinion or two, it may be helpful to seek advice from someone with the knowledge to assist.

4. Consider What Makes You Happy

Carefully ponder the skills and experience you have acquired thus far and think about what has made you feel most fulfilled. Use this to determine which of your qualifications to focus on the most. You may have more experience in a particular area, but if you are not passionate about it, now is the time to address the disconnect and change course.

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