How to Build (and Maintain) a Bond with your HR Manager


It is not uncommon for a candidate to have a great deal of contact with Human Resources (HR) during the interview process, only to loose touch once they have been hired and been through the on boarding process. Unfortunately, the employees that let this relationship lapse are potentially missing out on great opportunities. Building and maintaining a strong relationship with your designated HR professional can be incredibly beneficial to your career.

The HR department often influences a variety of staffing decisions at a company. For example, HR may have the authority to create new positions when the organization is thriving and aid in decisions regarding which jobs to cut in times of turmoil. HR often serves as trusted advisors to hiring managers as well, coordinating and/or managing tasks such as posting jobs, screening candidates and making offer recommendations. To ensure you are in good graces with your HR Manager, use the following advice to create a relationship of trust and respect.

Three Tips to Build a Bond with Your HR Manager

1. Follow the Rules

HR sometimes steps in when issues occur, such as attendance problems, conflicts with team members and violations of other company policies. Make every effort to play by the rules to earn the respect of your HR Manager and to avoid putting them in a situation where they are forced into a disciplinary role. HR values employees who conduct themselves in a professional manner, viewing them as an asset to the organization.

2. Share Your Future Career Ambitions

Even if you have already made your career path clear to your boss, it can be incredibly beneficial to share your goals with HR as well. As employment professionals, HR can offer suggestions to help steer you in the right direction and inform you when internal positions of interest become available. Your boss does not want to lose a great employee to a competitor and the company strives to keep turnover levels low. If you get the promotion, it’s a win-win for everyone.

3. Refer High-Quality Candidates

If your company accepts employee referrals, only vouch for those you know as high quality, hardworking individuals. Referring low-quality candidates is a waste of HR’s time. Plus, making bad references could lead HR to question your judgement.

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