Five Essentials for Managing a Dynamic Team (and their Personalities)


It is great when you have a team filled with motivated, passionate individuals! Unfortunately, managing a team of high-performers comes with its own set of challenges, such as competitiveness and conflicting work styles. Learn how to become the type of manager that engages and inspires their entire team, while helping to pave the way for each of their individual successes.

Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

Some managers have to deal with lazy employees, but most are actively trying to grow professionally and are willing to pitch in. While this is fantastic, it can also cause tensions to rise if one person feels like another is stepping on their toes. Avoid this by setting boundaries and clearly defining each person’s role on the team and on every project. If someone needs to step in and assist a team member, set the terms of their involvement before getting started.

Be Present and Actively Involved

People want to work for a boss who cares, so stay updated on what each person is currently working on and make yourself readily available to assist when necessary. For employees who truly want to make a difference, it can be very discouraging to work for a boss who stays in their office all day and has no idea what their team is working on. Show your team that you care by engaging with them, complimenting great work and offering suggestions when for improvement when necessary.

Avoid Micromanaging

There is a fine line between showing that you care and flat out micromanaging. Give your employees the freedom to complete assignments on their own terms and avoid asking for frequent status updates when they have not voiced issues. Your team is talented and reliable, display your trust by resisting the urge to hover.

Adapt Your Management Style for Each Person

The same management style does not work with everyone. Get to know your staffers to figure out the most effective way to reach them. Some people may require more frequent direction and feedback to be effective and happy, while others may largely prefer to work silently and fade into the background. Do not underestimate the impact a manager can make when interacting with their team, as it hugely plays into each employee’s level of job satisfaction.

Emphasize the Importance of Communication

As the boss, you set the pace for your team. Highlight the need for seamless communication by keeping them in the loop. Meet regularly — both team meetings and one-on-ones — to discuss current initiatives, future projects and to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. Mistakes happen when wires get crossed, so make everyone feel comfortable sharing information.

Create Your Dream Team

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