Help Disengaged Employees Find Their Passion!


For your company to achieve its goals, you need the full support of each individual on your team. If even a few employees are disengaged, it can cause a ripple effect that reaches out to your entire group.  Disengagement leads to decreased productivity, lower morale and a decline in the quality of your products and services. Therefore, ensuring your each of your employees are happy, engaged and excited to come to work each day is of the utmost importance.

Five Ways to Help Your Employees Find Passion in Their Work

1. Listen to Their Ideas

You built a team of bright, hardworking individuals. Encourage them to share their ideas. Employees gain confidence and find inspiration in their work when they know their manager values their opinions and appreciates the input. To the contrary, when employees feel undervalued and believe their ideas and feedback are unwelcome, they will loose confidence in their work and gradually share less and less.

Highly productive employees are necessary to ensure your company’s success, and innovation is necessary to keep it moving forward. Reap the benefits of tapping into your internal knowledge base. It will aid in the growth your employees and your company in turn.

2. Convey the Impact

In many cases, employees spend days, weeks and even months working on projects, without being a part of the outcome. When people are unable to realize the benefits of the final product, they may not understand the importance of their efforts. As they loose site of the bigger picture, daily tasks become more trivial and moving from project to project becomes more of a monotonous chore than an exciting new endeavor.  Avoid this disconnect by sharing your successes with the team, and explaining how each and every person helped the company achieve these goals.

3. Encourage Creativity

Routines are comfortable, but they can also become dull. Intelligent individuals need fresh challenges to remain inspired. Encourage them incorporate creativity into their work and provide them with the support to feel comfortable taking risks. From finding new ways to complete current assignments to dreaming up innovative products and services, grow your employee’s engagement by enabling them to taping into their creative side.

4. Promote Open Communication

When are people bored with their work or dissatisfied with aspects of their job, they often start searching for new opportunities elsewhere. The last thing you want is to lose talented staffers to your competition. Create a culture of open communication, where employees feel comfortable coming to you when they are unhappy at work. Having the opportunity to make a change for the better can reduce your turnover levels and increase employee satisfaction.

5. Allow Time for Passion Projects

Set aside a certain amount of time each week or month for employee passion projects. These ventures should be up to the discretion of each employee, providing them with the opportunity to work on something they truly enjoy. This is bound to ignite their passion and cause their creativity to flow, which will shine through in other projects as well. As an added bonus, many people will work on projects that can be put into effect at your company, serving as an all-around win.

Hire Employees With a Passion for the Work

Finding the right new hire for your team can be a challenge. Allow RealStreet to assist. Whether you need to fill a temporary, lease-to-hire or direct hire position, our team will present you with qualified and inspired candidates who want to make a positive impact through their work. Contact us today to get started!

RealStreet has been an excellent partner in understanding our programs’ unique staffing requirements-skills, experience, clearances, seasonality—and consistently provides qualified and highly productive team members who are often recognized by our customers for their performance.

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